Through 12/31, use promo code SHARE15 at checkout for 15% off of a 6-pack of pretzels or SHARE20 for 20% off of a 12 or 30-pack!

Fundraising With A Twist

Soft pretzel fundraising is simple fun exciting easy delicious

Raise Funds With Plum Creek Soft Pretzels!

An exciting fundraising opportunity is available! Perfect for schools, events, sports teams, churches, and more!

Our mission at Plum Creek Foods is to cheerfully serve in the Spirit of Christ. One of the ways we serve is by offering our delicious soft pretzels to non-profits at a significantly discounted price. Plum Creek Soft Pretzels are a fun, easy way to successfully raise funds for your nonprofit organization.

Here’s how easy it is. Plum Creek will...

• Prepare your marketing materials for you, including a printable PDF, a ready-to-send email, and social media content.
• Give you an online link for anyone who would like to place an order for your fundraiser.
• Provide you with access to live data on purchases made for your fundraiser.

At the end of the fundraiser, you will have a list of your “customers” and their orders. You will simply need to set up a date/time for them to pick up their frozen soft pretzels. Plum Creek will offer nonprofits a 50% discount off of market retail price! In other words, you purchase a 3-pack box of soft pretzels from Plum Creek at $4.99 each, and sell the 3-pack box at $9.99 each (or a higher price of your choosing) to your “customers.” Your nonprofit keeps the difference! Interested in learning more? Click the link below.

How It Works

Our signature FundTrac™ software makes our fundraising process seamless and simple. FundTrac™ handles the entire process from order processing, to promotion. It streamlines the fundraising process and make it as easy as possible to facilitate a fundraiser for your non-profit organization!

For more details on pricing, promotion, payments, pickups, and distribution, visit our fundraising website or fill out a request form today!

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