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Who We Are

God has taken us on a memorable journey from selling produce on a small roadside wagon to where we are today.

Unmatched soft pretzels!

Jeffrey S.

I was skeptical to buy them frozen, but I was pleasantly surprised! They are equally as delicious!!!

Jodi H.

When you're having people over, take a break and warm up some Plum Creek Soft Pretzels!

Brenda T.

To Cheerfully Serve...

Plum Creek Farm LLC is a small family-owned business located in Bernville, PA, and is owned and operated by Keith & Kendra (Rutt) Zimmerman and Ken & Audrey (Zimmerman) Nolt. God has taken us on an memorable journey from selling produce on a small roadside wagon to where we are today.

What started as a small produce farm and roadside wagon has grown into Plum Creek Farm Market & Creamery (our retail location), Plum Creek Foods (home of Plum Creek Pretzels), Wilson Pumps (enables creameries to create artisan soft serve ice cream using real fruit, or cookies, etc.) and MarketSquare Tech (a software suite that maximizes the business functionality of Square®.)

It has not always been easy, and sometimes it almost took more faith than we could muster, but God has been faithful in so many ways. He's blessed us with wonderful customers and an amazing team of employees, and we give Him all the praise and honor for the growth and success we've experienced!

How We Make Delicious Soft Pretzels

To make a great pretzel, you knead a good dough....

We use a high-quality flour that is milled from the innermost part of the wheat grain. We mix, knead it, and let it rise.

Then things get twisted...

With our signature double-twist!

We bake them to perfection...

We bake the pretzels until they are a mouth-watering golden brown! This gives the pretzels (and us) a warm feeling.

They travel through a butter-fall...

Kind of like a waterfall, except it’s butter!

We flash freeze them to preserve their freshness...

Right after they’re buttered, the pretzels are quickly frozen so that they can be fresh with you. (Ooops! Meant to say “for” you; the pretzels will be fresh for you.)

Then they're packaged and sent on their way.

So that you can find them at a store, or at your door when you order them online. 

The Plum Creek Family

Plum Creek Foods is a part of the larger Plum Creek family that is discovering innovative solutions to every day challenges.

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